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Integraldämmung für SCR-System

guiding principle


For more than 30 years, we have been involved in the development and production of high-temperature resistant thermal insulations.


When in 1988 the founding stone for today's still family-owned company was laid by the company founder, Mr. Karlheinz Sommer, the guiding principle was quickly found:


we clothe each pipe


We have remained faithful to this principle until today, only in the meantime the requirements have changed.


What was yesterday "heat and combustion protection", today makes much more in the context of the statutory emission regulations, namely the support of the regeneration process in the exhaust system, eg. in the selective catalytic reduction (SCR).


On this homepage we would like to give you an overview, why the guiding principle  of today

supporting exhaust management


has An even greater sense of responsibility , that means a challenge that we like to face every day so that you as our business partner, can achieve that, what needs to be realized:


a quick and proper exhaust aftertreatment.

high temperature integral insualtion