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integral insulation


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heat protection

thermal storage

safety for man and machine

integral thermo management

heat protection

Whether in the engine compartment or outside, with iSoKlick.COVER you create the best conditions against inflammation and deflagration. Despite the low insulation thickness, the surface temperature can be lowered very much, even to protect other components from burns, fatigue or embrittlement.

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Abgasrohr isoliert


We work according to the guidelines of ISO 9001: 2015!


Quality management and control ensure the highest production standard and guarantee process optimization in all relevant matters.

ISO 9001:2015
Integraldämmung Motor




whether textile integall insulation with



or metallic integral insulation with


we always have the right solution for your project!


High temperature custom insulation keeps the system temperature where it's most needed, in the system itself.

Isolierung AdBlue-Einspritzung


Standstill is a step backwards, so we've reinforced our metallic sheathing on the sides to give even more stability to all products.



Compressed insulating materials provide the necessary strength against external influences.



Resistant to splash water, UV-resistant, oil and water repellent.


iSoKlick.CASING- the one with the ring

metallische Wärmedämmung
Fortschritt und Innovation